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Elite Focus Entertainment Presents: Back Yard Movie Nights!

by Kurtis Charlton on 07/07/15

Have you ever been to the drive-in? You feel the cool breeze across your face and the smell of freshly popped popcorn is in the air. You snuggle in with your significant other and then WHAM! A flying hot wheels car comes flying from the back seat! The adorable yet nagging moan that your kids want to get out of the car. "I can't see!, Turn it up, please! It's too loud! Can we have snacks? She's touching me! ....Ergghhaa!" That's it we are going home! Come to think of it, why did you ever leave the house? The average price to take a family of 4 to the movies is astronomical! The next time your are planning a family night out or your child's birthday party, reach out to us and we'll bring the drive in to you! Whether you are trying to accommodate your kids, friends, family or neighbors we have the way to keep them all happy. We have rented our projection systems for sporting events as well! Instead of watching the big game crowded in your living room. Light up the grill crank up the music and head outside! This is a beautiful time of year to get those outdoor activities going! As we Pittsburgh folks know, the snow is "jus' right rouna corner!" For pricing click here. Call today to check for availability 412-874-0109  

Welcome to Inside EFE!

by Kurtis Charlton on 02/08/15

Good afternoon all and welcome to Inside EFE. This will be your one stop source for all things entertainment. That word has a very different meaning to us here at Elite Focus Entertainment™. We spend our time with Audio and Video Technology, Movie Reviews & Theatre Reviews, and all things Freelance Production. After many years of polishing my skills and finding my niche in an ever growing industry, I have decided to share that journey and knowledge with my readers. With all of the available medium you can count on seeing Video Content, Helpful Articles, and most importantly interaction with folks in the industry. Feel free to share your experiences and offer your views in the comments section. If you would like to know when new content is being published please click on the "Opt In" tab at the top of the page. We look forward to bring you content that will help you further your career, entertain you, and allow you to mentor the next generation of freelancers. 

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